Long journey...short story

Lapoyoma to patronize, mobilize, profitize, galvanize, remonetize

Commercial Real Estate business is no easy business. Patience and Diligence both are required to sell retail businesses. At the end of the day you need healthy bottomline that can meet growing expenses. Sadly, even after the PSA signed new owner does not get real income and expenses of the business. Introducing FYBN App nation’s 1st Retail Business Sale Tool which uses P/E based Algorithmic Model that gives you almost accurate value of the business based on last 3 months trailing averages of Inside Sales and takes into account of all the incomes and expenses and other parameters that decide the reliability of the business.

Pairing ground-breaking real estate technology with fundamental industry experience, we created a platform where sellers could receive a strong purchase offer for their retail business, quickly contract and close, and avoid the hassles associated with traditional real estate selling. It all started with a joint vision for a better business selling experience shared among a group of top real estate professionals. After many years spent buying, selling, nearly 100s of CREB across the country, Dilip Mooparakath and his executive team gained a deep understanding of the challenges people face when selling their CREB. 

They found that even successful sellers were overwhelmed by the stress of selling – trying to guess what their business would sell for, prepping for showings, negotiating a deal and waiting for a closing date. Why wasn’t there a better way? We make Buyers make money from the Day 1 and We ensure Seller gets Top Dollars for their business. A Win Win Process. Recognizing the industry was long overdue for a change and equipped with a wealth of first-hand knowledge, Dilip and his fellow executives set out to offer something completely new. Their goal was clear: reinvent the Commercial Real Estate Business sale process and provide sellers with the convenience, control, and certainty they’d been lacking under the outdated system.

 In 2018, Idea of LAPOYOMA was born. Lapoyoma to patronize, mobilize, profitize, galvanize, remonetize the whole convenience / gas station business by giving more currency power.

LAPOYOMA is part of Cloud Toronto Venture Capital aum Company of around $300 Million.